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riool slang

riool slang

Understanding the Lingo of Riool A Guide to Amsterdam's Underground Slang

Amsterdam is a city brimming with culture and history. From the Red Light District to the canals, there is no shortage of sights to see and experiences to partake in. But beyond the surface level attractions lies a hidden world of lingo and language the riool slang of Amsterdam's underground. This secret language is not readily accessible to tourists, but can provide a deeper understanding of Amsterdam's culture and history. In this guide, we'll break down the most commonly used riool slang terms and their meanings.

1. "Bajes" The term "bajes" is often used to refer to a prison. This word has found its way into mainstream Dutch language, but it has its roots in riool slang.

In Amsterdam, there are several infamous prisons, such as the Bijlmerbajes, which have become a part of the city's underworld culture. 2. "Pikketanissie" This rather oddly-sounding word actually refers to a small glass of jenever, a traditional Dutch gin.

Especially popular in the working class neighborhoods of Amsterdam, this term is often used in bars and cafes as a shorthand for a quick drink. 3. "Patsen" The verb "patsen" refers to showing off or bragging in a flashy way. This sense of bravado is especially prevalent in Amsterdam's hip-hop scene, where rappers might boast about their success or toughness. 4. "Hosselen" This term can be translated simply as "hustling." It refers to the act of quickly making money through a side business or a shady deal. In Amsterdam's history, hosselen was often used by the city's poorest residents to survive. 5. "Grinden" This word refers to the act of making a drug deal. While Amsterdam is famous for its relaxed approach to drugs, the trade is still very much a part of the city's riool culture. Grinden can also refer to obtaining something illegally or through questionable methods.



In conclusion, the riool slang of Amsterdam is a fascinating, if sometimes difficult to understand, facet of the city's cultural landscape. While it may not be readily apparent to the casual visitor, understanding the meanings behind these terms can provide a deeper connection to the city's history and its people. Whether you're looking to hossel or just enjoy a pikketanissie, incorporating these terms into your vocabulary can be a fun way to engage with Amsterdam's underground culture.

Riool slang